The Journal of Double Star Observations

A quarterly journal of amateur astronomy dedicated to the study of double and binary stars

The Webb Deep-Sky Society (Double Star Section)

An amateur/professional society specializing in double stars and 'deep sky' objects. There is also a direct link to the Webb Deep-Sky Society Circulars.

Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

Another fine society for amateur double star observers

The "Spirit of 33"

An international network of amateur double star observers, based in Spain

The Double Star Section of LIADA

The Spanish American League of Astronomy

The Double Star Club of the Astronomical League

An association of local amateur astronomical societies across the United States

Garraf Astronomical Observatory

Located near Barcelona, Spain and headed by Tofol Tobal, this organization has published over 10,000 visual double star observations in its "OAG General Catalog"

El Observador de Estrellas Dobles

A Spanish language electronic double star journal begun in 2009

Il Bollettino delle Stelle Doppie

A new Italian language electronic double star journal begun in April 2012